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August 31, 2021
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Marble Repair Techniques You Can Do At Home

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Marble Repair Kit is a vital maintenance product especially for the natural stone surfaces. This great kit will help you deal with your moderate to light etching, and water stains, or light scratches on the polished marble, travertine, and other calcified stones. The greatest thing about this marble repair kit is that it does not contain any acid cleaners which is ideal to use on natural stones for a long period of time.

Marble Repair

Marble Repair Kit can be used on most of the major crack on a marble surface. However, it should be used cautiously and needs proper application on a tested area before applying it on marble cracks. If you don’t follow the proper procedure in marble repair cement application, you may end up ruining a portion of the stone. Marble is considered as one of the most resilient natural stones in the world. In most situations, it can survive minor crack on its surface. However, if left untreated for long, then other parts of the stone are prone to become damaged.

The most common problems encountered with marble surfaces are its cracks. Cracks can be filled with a good quality sealer. There are several types of sealers that can be used for this purpose. You can choose from the wide options available in the market:

Epoxy. Marble epoxy is considered to be one of the most effective sealant for all types of cracks on a marble surface. This amazing product gives protection against dust, grime, moisture, acids and sunlight. You can apply epoxy on all types of marble cracks, including light scratches and deep cracks.

Microfiber cloth. You will find many types of micro fiber cloths used for Marble Repair. It helps you in keeping clean marble surfaces and prevents them from becoming dirty again.

Honed. Marble is usually made of diamond-sized crystals of silica or quartz. These minerals are usually combined with aluminum oxide to form a honed, glossy and mirror-like surface. For this reason, the damage caused by everyday wear and tear cannot be easily repaired by the common techniques of repair, including sealing marble surfaces with sealant.

Marble polishing. Marble polishing is another way of keeping your marble floor free from dull spots and other unsightly marks. The method involves repeated application of an acid-based resin solution. This revitalizes the floor by adding a layer of citric acid. However, it must be performed only on marble surfaces with very few scratches.

If there are deep scratch present, you can use a diamond-tipped device to remove them. However, professional marble floor polishing should be performed only on a cleaned and restored marble surface. Marble floor polishing as a home maintenance procedure is a necessary procedure. This not only prevents dull spots from appearing on your marble floor but also extends the life of your flooring. You may hire a professional marble cleaner to perform the task on your behalf.

Epoxy resin based cleaners. You can buy some epoxy resin based cleaners that are specially designed to remove dirt from marble surfaces. You can also purchase some epoxy based products from the market to perform your marble repair kits. These cleaners come in small tubes that are connected to a nozzle. The user sprays the cleaner on the affected areas and leaves it to sink into the floor for several minutes. The chemicals react with the dirt and the epoxy resin produces a tough barrier to remove it.

Marble crack repair products. If you have noticed cracks on your marble surface, it is necessary to apply a layer of marble crack repair products. These products provide a protective layer that prevents the marble surface from further cracking. This is essential for those who want to keep their marble surfaces looking new and flawless at all times.

Marble crack repair cement. You can also use the epoxy resin based product known as epoxy cement to repair a chipped stone surface. You apply a thin layer of this cement on the cracked piece and then let it dry for several hours. Then, you can use a chisel to sand off the excess glue or epoxy. The dried chipped piece will then look like a new one.

Marble tile. If the chipped stone on your marble countertop is not as badly damaged as you think it is, you might be able to replace it with a new one. The key to doing this is to find out what kind of marble tile you have. Each type of marble has a slightly different design, so if you have an old, scratched tile, you might find that you can replace it with a smooth-surfaced tile that will match your other marble pieces perfectly.

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