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October 26, 2019
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How to fix your air conditioner yourself?

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I can still recall a day when my air conditioner stopped working. I was preparing the food in the kitchen and my kids came to me shouting like a flock of birds. At the temperature of 12 degree, they were sweating and feeling miserable. I took time out of my busy cooking schedule just to check what’s wrong with the air conditioner. I discovered there were minor problems and I was able to fix them on my own with no money factor involved in it.

Here is what I discovered and how did I made it work…

Warning: Before you start working on air conditioner like an expert, make sure that you have unplugged and switched it off. Safety is of prior concern so begin your task by switching off the air conditioner and removing the plug.

  1. Compressor and Coils both were not cleaned and clogged with dust. After removing both the components, I splashed some water to clean them. Being aware of the fact that coils serve the best purpose once cleaned and cool faster. They are also preferable for consuming less power. I would also suggest you to keep an eye on the air vents. Make sure water is not running through them. In case you need a professional air conditioning duct cleaner in Melbourne, we recommend Silver duct cleaning!

 2. It came to me as a surprise that ducts were broken. I fixed up the small tares with duct tape. I also checked the breaker in case it was taking the load of air conditioner properly. Trust me; it saved me a lot of effort, frustration and energy.

 3. Replace either batteries or thermostat: I checked thermostat and found the dead batteries. But that’s not always the case. I was lucky enough to replace them with new ones. There are times when you examine the thermostat in more efficient manner i.e. you need to check the state of thermostat. It could be possible it’s not working even after replacing the batteries. In such a situation, you have to replace the thermostat. Make a wise choice after studying the issue properly.

 4. Always make sure controller is working fine. Owning an air conditioner could be a hectic task. Controller is the component that helps in the functioning of heating. If it doesn’t operate accordingly, it can hamper the performance of the air conditioner. Due to malfunctioning, I had to rearrange the settings. Now I have got backup batteries to prevent the same situation in future. Also remove the dust for faster results.

 5. Timing Circuitry was another problem I encountered while fixing up the air conditioner. My compressor was damaged entirely because of too many timing circuitry on and off changes in it. If it happens on regular basis, it hampers the life of your air conditioner. It can halt the entire system for fraction of minutes.

6. Check the drain tubes: While working on other components of the air conditioner, I came across drain tubes. They all were badly affected by dust. I had to clear them with brushes (I brought them from local store nearby) and it helped me a lot in fixing up the blockage.

I can conclude that it’s not a rocking science to repair your air conditioner at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to conduct an analysis to discover what went wrong with your air conditioner. If all the tips I have shared doesn’t work with you, then it’s a high time you should get into touch with professionals.

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