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November 30, 2017
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Four Ways To Tell If Your Staircase Is Facing Problems

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If you are living in a home that has stairs, you can consider yourself lucky. Homes with stairs are a prized asset; you know that if you ever sell your property, you will get great money for it. Modern staircase designs, much like bathrooms and kitchens, are considered luxury items that can make the value of a property go up. This is because stairs can be designed in any way, thanks to a range of materials (timber, metal, and glass) and styles (metal handrails, quality glass balustrade are a few) and this gives them a “wow”.

But with stairs comes responsibility. You can’t just have stairs and not look after them. You have to keep an eye on out if your staircase is starting to break down or is going to cause you problems in future. What kind of sights should you look out for when it comes to your staircase? Take a read below and find out:

Creaking Noises

This is one of the most obvious ones that people tend to put off as a “stair” thing. But you have to acknowledge that while the odd creak here or there is fine, a consistent flow of creaking sounds and an increase in the velocity means there are big problems occurring underneath your steps. The best bet looks to see if any damages or cracks are appearing under your stairs.

Cracks On The Steps 

When clear open cracks start to appear on your steps, then make a run for it! No, we’re just joking. Don’t run. Start the slow walk to the telephone and call a carpenter or stairs professional so they can come and take a look at the problem. When cracks begin to appear, you are facing a running clock, where any second the step might crack, and you might fall. You don’t want to risk injury to you or your family, so make a move on it when you can.

Loose Handrails & Balusters 

This particular issue tends to happen after a few years. Handrails and balusters face constant pressure from people holding them and applying force. Naturally, over time they will wear out and start to get weaker. The trick is not to let them get too weak and become dangerously flimsy. You should be looking towards getting it repaired by a professional so you can get back to walking up and down safely.

Wobbly Newel Post 

If the small angle brackets at the base of the staircase posts are loose, you need to fix them to the staircase as soon as possible. The newell post, while not considered a significant part of the stairs, is, in fact, a major component to how it functions. Leaving it to get looser will only see you make major problems for yourself down the line.

Now that we have given you the clear signs in which you should look out for, begin the process in which you take an in-depth look at your staircase. These signs are clear enough for you to know if there are any problems that your staircase might be facing. You could be needing repairs or perhaps a new staircase.

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